Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is based on the number of runners you have participating in your club. Please visit our pricing page or contact us from the contact page and our sales staff will help identify a package that fits your needs.

Scanners can be the largest upfront cost to the program. A number of scanners are compatible with StrideTrack ranging from $55 to $250 each.  After the scanners are purchased, ongoing annual fees for using the system are significantly less.

If you are interested in quote for your school/club call 888-552-3196 or submit an information request from the contact page.

The annual subscription fee includes:

  • Use of StrideTrack software to track runners, runner events and total distance, jog-a-thons, or timed laps
  • Runner access to the online portal that displays individual distance and awards, class distance, and school distance
  • Unlimited access to the iPhone and Android apps to view individual distance and awards, class distance, and school distance
  • Technical Support- available by phone or e-mail M-F 8:00am-5:00pm (PST)

Yes there is an annual subscription fee to use the software. Subscriptions run for 12 consecutive months.

We recommend using the following scanners.  Check online (Amazon, etc.) for current pricing

  • Inateck BCST-60, $59
  • Motorola CS3000, $250

Yes we offer district discounts for district where multiple schools use StrideTrack. Call to see if your district is already receiving this discount.

We offer a $50 credit towards your renewal fees for each paying referral. Multiple credits can be earned. If you refer a school be sure to tell them to mention your name.

Yes, we offer a free 1-month trial of the software. Call or e-mail for more information.

Yes, StrideTrack can be set up to track independent event types so that runner distance totals and awards can be managed separately if desired.

To use StrideTrack, you must have an internet connected computer and a bar code scanner. Wireless battery powered bar code scanners are preferred because they offer flexibility and convenience.

Yes. Each school is provided an administrator account which has the authority to create additional password controlled user accounts for people authorized to enter running event data.

Yes, multiple scanners can be used to record running events. A number of factors such as lap distance, quantity of runners, and runner spacing contribute to the number of scanners needed to process runners quickly. Creativity with course layout and spacing of runners can reduce the number of scanners required to record a running event.

StrideTrack customer support will load your entire runner roster at the beginning of each school year. This service is included in your annual subscription fee. Additional runners joining your club throughout the year are easy to add on an individual basis.

The lap distance is set each time a single running event is loaded. This allows laps of different lengths to be used on an event-by-event basis.

Yes, your initial set up includes 1-hour of optional orientation/training. StrideTrack is easy to use and many customers simply review the quick start guide on their own and being using the software.

The Motorola CS3000 and Inateck BCST-20 scanners comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If purchased on Amazon, extended warranties are typically available at a nominal fee.

Yes, mobile devices with a camera can be used to scan runner bar codes and submit scans to StrideTrack.  While mobile device scanning has improved greatly, it is still slower than scan speeds of a dedicated bar code scanners such as the Motorola CS3000.

No. After the runners are entered into the system StrideTrack generates a bar code card for each runner. Bar code cards can be printed in 4 different sizes: as small as an Avery shipping label and as large as 3” x 4” label. The bar code card contains the runner’s first name, last name, grade and teacher. This makes it easy to sort and distribute cards. Most schools print the bar codes on card stock and then laminate the cards.

We do not sell protective lanyards, but there are many options available online (Ebay, Amazon).

Yes, if your runners currently carry a school issued ID they can use this card while they run. You will need to provide a list of the runners and their school issued ID number.